Lost in the Shuffle: A Double-Dealing Puzzle Game

Created by Spencer Beebe

Lost in the Shuffle is a clever, quirky puzzle game with tons of content jam-packed into a custom deck of playing cards.

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What's up with you guys? Not much happening over here.
5 months ago – Sat, Oct 22, 2022 at 05:13:42 PM

Oh wait, silly me, I almost forgot...


I'm so freaking pumped right now! I can't thank you all enough. Which is why I'm going to keep doing it over and over again forever. I'm still going to keep pushing for that stretch goal but at this point, Lost in the Shuffle is going to ship all over the world to all sorts of lovely people (that's you) and that fills me with joy.

Now I'm gonna go walk around with a beaming smile on my face for a little while. 

Yours Puzzly,


p.s. you can click that GIF :)

Holy cow! So close to the funding goal!!!
5 months ago – Fri, Oct 21, 2022 at 03:35:48 PM

I know you're not supposed to count your chickens before they hatch...

But how else would I know that I have 191 chickens!? Answer me that!

Quick update for all my wonderful new friends (that's you): On the advice of @ritschat you can now reserve additional copies of the game as an add-on to any pledge level. Please feel free to go hog-wild.

Uh-oh, that was a lot of animal references. I sure hope you guys don't reply to this update with super-corny animal puns!

Yours Puzzly,

Spencer Beebe

Holy smokes you guys!!! We're over halfway funded after 12 hours!
6 months ago – Tue, Oct 18, 2022 at 12:10:55 AM

Just wanted to say, "Thank you so much!" to everyone who has backed already. You're early support really means a lot!

Yours truly,

Spencer Beebe (pictured above) (although, on second thought, that might be Bon Jovi)